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Skoda Designers Demonstrate the Art of Camouflage For Test Mules

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A test car is wrapped manually in the finished camouflage. The process takes several hours.

It is understandable why camouflage is needed on the test mule. On the one hand, this is the only way to ensure that technical innovations, new design features and a new exterior remain hidden from prying eyes of journalists, spy photographers and competitors.

On the other hand, automakers spur the interest of potential buyers and admirers of the brand.

Car protection can be full or partial. Often companies are not limited to protective wrap and use shapeless plastic pads.

However, Skoda’s camouflage artists brought the disguise of prototypes to the level of art. Patterns, 3D effects and color contrasts are used.

At the latest pre-premiere presentation of the Skoda Enyaq iV prototype, observers once again appreciated the ingenuity and talent of Czech brand designers.

The electric SUV’s test sample was covered with camouflage wrap with black and white facets and three-dimensional elements.

Specialists spent a total of 120 hours developing the camouflage concept. About 18 square meters of camouflage foil was used. The latest Octavia is camouflaged in an interesting way as well.

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