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Land Rover Offers a Culinary Modification of the Discovery

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The Land Rover Discovery has got an unexpected version. This charismatic off-road acts as a mobile kitchen.

The initiative to turn Discovery into a “field kitchen” has been made by the famous chef Jamie Oliver. Jaguar Land Rover’s SVO department (Special Vehicle Operations) supported the idea, German AutoNachrichten reports.

As a result, the Discovery culinary version receives a slow cooker, a grill, a toaster, a gas stove, an ice maker and even an an olive oil dispenser. Five one-liter aluminum casings are installed on the wheels for churning.

Among other things, the SUV gets a sliding dining table, a specially designed aluminum sink. A flat-screen TV completes the atmosphere of comfort. The kitchen worktop transforms into a dining table.

In general, this is an original campaign of the famous chef professionally supporting Jaguar Land Rover. Or have they spoiled the car..?

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