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Renault Plans Two All-New Key Electric Vehicles

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Renault is preparing a large modernization. In particular, the company pins its revival hopes on two new electric SUVs and renews focus on the C-segment, Autocar reports.

The French carmaker will use its new CMF-EV platform (debuted on the Nissan Ariya) for forthcoming Renault and Nissan electric SUVs.

Renault claims that this architecture enables significant cost breakthroughs, and the brand’s next generation of EVs will be “very close to comparable vehicles with an internal combustion engine in total cost of ownership”.

The first to launch will be a Morphoz Concept-based high-riding electric crossover. It is similar in length and width to the current Renault Kadjar, but sits lower for a better aerodynamic efficiency.

A target range for such a model is up to 342 miles. For comparison: the Ariya’s longest range is 310 miles.

The second new electric vehicle from Renault will be “a crossover or SUV, rather than a hatchback” sitting in a similar market position to the Renault Captur and the Nissan Juke. This model will also take design themes from the Morphoz Concept.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance recent changes have defined ‘leader-follower’ positions of the group’s members. They help maximize level of efficiency.

Renault will lead development of European models, while Nissan focuses on Japan, China, the USA.

Nissan is still the leader on CMF-EV and autonomous driving. It will lead on a C-segment platform.

The next-gen B-segment vehicles will be led in Europe by Renault, meaning the new-generation Micra or Juke will be together with the Clio and Captur.

Photo: 2020 Renault Morphoz Concept

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