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Volkswagen Considers an ID.3 Convertible

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Volkswagen’s CEO has published the official renders of the ID.3 Convertible on social media.

The vehicle looks pretty good, and may find its buyer, of course, if it ever appears on the market. It seems the company is ‘testing the waters’ about possible arrival of the convertible version of its pure-electric hatchback.

It’ll depend on consumer interest, whether Volkswagen gives a ‘green light’ to this car. Before launching the project, the automaker obviously wants to study public opinion.

If VW gets ahead of the new Tesla Roadster, the ID.3 Convertible could be the first all-electric drop-top four-seater on the market, a niche car, in addition, especially given that MINI changed its mind about making the next-generation convertible hatchback.

In the Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible, the carmaker will have to sacrifice rear passenger room and cargo space for the sake of style.

Riding of the MEB architecture, the ID.3 convertible would have the same motors and batteries as its hatchback sibling (58 kWh, 143bhp as standard), and a Pro Performance variant with over 201bhp. The extra weight of the drop-top could cut the EV’s range a bit.  

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