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Volvo Will Produce Only Electric Vehicles in Nine Years

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Today there is a single fully electric car in production – the Volvo XC40 Recharge crossover.

The Swedish automaker plans to sell 50% of hybrids and 50% of pure electric cars by 2025. All new Volvos will be electrified in 4 year. 5 years after (until 2030), every vehicle of the brand will be electric-only.

Volvo Cars’ boss Hakan Samuelson believes that investments in electrification and digitalisation will ensure success and profit in the future. Moreover, Volvo intends to become the EV premium class leader of sales.

The very near future will show how realistic such plans are. Currently Volvo can boast just one all-electric vehicle on sale – the XC40 Recharge SUV introduced in 2020.

The second new model of the 40th series will arrive soon.  But that’s all for now. Neither the 60 nor 90 series models have EV versions.

However, the main rivals hope for electrification too: they’ve been developing their own products. It is not about Tesla only, which initially targeted electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz (EQA and EQC crossovers, EQV minibus), BMW (i3 van, iX crossover) and Audi (e-tron range) have been building the EV models in full swing.

Jaguar announced ambitious plans for electrification. Even Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis, makes its new GV60 SUV all-electric.

There is no doubt that Volvo will completely switch to electric cars by 2030, but it’s difficult to foresee whether the brand becomes the sales leader in the segment.

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