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Dacia Spring SUV Becomes the Cheapest Electric Vehicle in Europe

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The French automaker promises a starting price of 17,000 euros for the Dacia Spring. Electric cars in Europe are affordable.

Renault Group has officially unveiled the cheapest EV in Europe, as they say. Indeed, this small city crossover will cost €16,990 in its base configuration.

The price of the new product, therefore, is significantly lower than that of the Renault TWINGO Electric (from €21,350), today’s most affordable electric car on the European market.

The dimensions of the Dacia Spring are as follows: 3,734 x 1,622 x 1,516 mm. The wheelbase is 2,423 mm. The ground clearance does not exceed 15 centimeters, so it’s not quite clear why Renault positions the vehicle as a SUV.

The electric motor develops 44 hp – not many, but enough, perhaps, for a budget electric vehicle in urban conditions. By the way, the claimed driving range is 295 km (city) and 225 km (combined).

The company has not announced yet when the cheap electric crossover will go on sale. Renault has already posted the detailed info about the model on its French official website.

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