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Porsche Hopes E-Fuels Allow It Not to Give up Combustion Cars in Future

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Porsche has collaborated Siemens Energy for the construction of an e-fuels development plant in Chile.

E-fuels are CO2 emission-free, and can be used in existing combustion engines without changes necessary.

In the face of the forthcoming abandoning of vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) in a number of countries, the automakers have to come down on harmful emissions.

Michael Steiner, Porsche R&D boss, says it will make more sense to ban fossil fuels rather than the engines themselves, as the problem is not in ICEs, but in the fuel burned. The ICE-powered cars could run on e-fuels, and this could be reflected in legislation, he believes.

Porsche’s partnership with Siemens is a path to demonstrate to governments worldwide that it is possible to cleanly use combustion engines alternatively to a blanket ban.

E-fuel is only an addition to e-mobility, which remains Porsche’s priority. The automaker will begin to test “a small volume” of its e-fuels next year with the Porsche 911. The two-door sports coupé will be the brand’s last model to go electric. Successful e-fuel trials could prolong its life cycle.

Source: Autocar

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