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Cupra Tavascan Electric Coupe SUV Will Be Launched in 2024

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Cupra’s second all-electric vehicle is announced to go on sale in 2024 in Europe and overseas, while the first to arrive will be the Cupra Born EV.

The 2019 Cupra Tavascan Concept (pictured) made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now we know that Cupra has set this model for production in 2024.

The coupe SUV rides on familiar VW’s MEB platform. A 77-kWh battery and a pair of electric motors on each axle power the car enabling a range of 280 miles.

The total system output is 302 bhp. A 0-62 mph sprint takes 6.5 seconds. The Cupra Tavascan has a 125-kW DC fast-charging capability.

To cheapen the model, the company may offer a smaller 62-kWh battery pack and rear-mounted 201-bhp electric motor combination in the course of time.

The Cupra Tavascan should help increase SEAT and Cupra sales. The goal in 2021 is to achieve profitability by increasing the PHEV mix and launching the Cupra Born.

Source: Auto Express

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