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Renault And Dacia Will Limit All Future Models to 112 Miles Per Hour

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Recently Renault has officially announced it will introduce a speed limiter on all future models. The same concerns the Dacia brand.

This decision is quite expected given the modern trend of limitation of high speeds as they cause road deaths. For example, the reduction of top speed is a key part of Volvo Car’s new strategy now. All new Volvos on sale come with a 112-mph (180-km/h) electronic speed limit.

The same is with Renault and Dacia vehicles: they will be equipped with the Safety Coach system to monitor the road conditions and adjust speed barrier. Next year, the Renault Megane-E will receive an automatic speed limit adjuster which is set by default and does not allow exceeding 112 mph.

The speed limiter in Dacia cars seems to be a reasonable idea. Dacia’s latest crash tests show the brand needs to do a good job on the safety suite.

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